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Shade Sails

Our inventory of Sails, will be hard to beat!  We carry and install different sizes and colors to choose from.  These sails can be used for residential purposes - such as in the backyard, poolside, car shade, or for commercial/business purposes as well
.  If it's for a business or for your home - our sails will enhance the property and provide protection and somewhat of a comfort from the desert sun!
These sails offer shade and protection from the outdoor elements.  They are manufactured to withstand the hot El Paso weather and are made to protect you from the suns harmful UV rays - yet are made to enhance your property
with our attractive color selection.  These sails offer the most cost effective shade protection per square foot!

Areas that can benefit from our sails:

  • Carport areas
  • Childrens play areas
  • Courtyards
  • Entry ways
  • Poolside
  • Plus many more places to use our sails

Reasons why our sails are popular among homeowners and business owners:

  • Low Cost - more affordable than many other options
  • Attractive Appearance - appealing colors and shapes
  • Versatile - easy to install and can be attached almost everywhere
  • Good looks - be "artistic" or give an area that "architectural" look

Contact us for our prefabricated sail inventory for do-it yourself installation in different sizes and colors.  We also do repair and fabric replacement.

View our colors here.