IQP Canopies LLC

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Our residential canopies are a perfect addition to any structure or purpose!  Canopies are built strong and are attractive
with a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from.
  • Backyard Canopy
    Backyard Canopy
  • Swimming Pool Canopy
    Swimming Pool Canopy
  • Carport Canopy
    Carport Canopy
Backyard Canopy
Backyard Canopy
Commercial Canopies

We also carry a variety of commercial canopies - different sizes, shapes, and colors.  They are perfect for restaurants, bars, picnic areas, outdoor recreational ares, schools, churches, flea markets, plus many more places. 
  • Canopies for school
    Canopies for school
  • Canopies for your business
    Canopies for your business
  • Playground Canopy
    Playground Canopy
  • Restaurant Canopy
    Restaurant Canopy
Canopies for school
Canopies for school