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Aluminum Shades

IQP Canopies also carries a variety of aluminum shades for residential and commercial applications.  Our shades carry a warranty:

Lifetime Warranty - on aluminum against material failure and corrosion

25 Year Limited Warranty - on steel against material failure and defects

5 Year Limited Warranty - on powder coat finish

These aluminum shades are customizable in size and color, are easy to clean, resistant to weathering and corrosion, and have a smooth, glossy finish.

Our aluminum shades are available in the following colors:

  • Tan                           Clay
  • Dark Green                Light Blue
  • Patina green              Slate Grey
  • Bone White               Cardinal Red
  • Terra Cotta                Bronze
  • Regal Blue                Burgundy
  • Brown                       Ivory
  • Black                        Teal
  • Metallic Silver